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Will icons be available to create in career

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Iv just gone and bought the deluxe edition add on but noticed you don't have the driver icons faces like we did with the schumacher edition was hoping to start a new career as michael schumacher or button by creating them will these be added please

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No but hopefully they will add them later.. 

Myself and a few others have requested it in the suggestions subforum. If enough people ask then hopefully they'll allow us to do so.

I'm going to personally keep suggesting it at any opportunity. Its especially annoying since, like you say, they've been available in previous games and we cant even hire them realistically until season 2 which in itself isn't great.

Plus, like you, I'd personally love to be able to so driver careers using their faces and helmets. Was looking forward to having Rosberg return to Merc, Schumacher to Ferrari or Jenson to McLaren or Williams.

So if youd like them, keep pushing for them! Hopefully they'll listen. 

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