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T300RS doesnt work with F1 2021

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Hey guys,

i have the T300RS but on ps5 it doesnt work with the new game F1 2021. With ps4 version and ps5 version i have the same behavoir... i got no connection to the wheel. There is no error code. Firmware i've updated today... I could use the wheel in F1 2020 on the ps5 without any issues.






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To rule out a hardware fault, have you checked that your wheel still works with F1 2020? Have you put your wheel back in the PS4 mode after updating the firmware?

So you know it's not a universal problem I'll say that my T300RS wheel is working on the PS5 version of F1 2021. I think my wheel is still on firmware version 31 though, rather than 33 which appears to the be latest checking just now.

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I can play f1 2020 on ps5 with my Wheel. 
I switch back to ps4 Mode on PlayStation. But i always played f1 2020 in ps3 Mode. 
F1 2021 doesnt work in ps4/ps3 Mode and doesnt work with ps4 or ps5 version. 

Firmware is the last one from may 2021… 

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