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[PS4 & PS5] RPM Esports F1 Racing League - Midweek - 19:30 UK Time - 3 Divisions - Great Community!!


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RPM Esports F1 is a new league created for PS4 & PS5 and the new F1 2021 game. 

The response to our league creation has been amazing so far and we still have just a few spaces available for full time and also reserve drivers. 
If you are new to league racing or looking for a no-strings reserve seat with a very fast top-tier then why not check out our very friendly community in our Discord Server.

We will be running with the fantastic TAS Telemetry system for all our commentators and drivers. We have personalised quality trophies for various categories provided by our Trophy sponsor and a whole host of other cool stuff on its way to try to make our RPM drivers really feel the buzz of being a part of our up and coming community!!!

You can pop into our Discord and take a look around or check out our website www.RPM-Esports-F1.com which is currently under development but does include all contact details and links to socials.

Thanks for taking a look!
All the best
The RPM Team

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