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New FULL Metal H-shifter from Hungary!

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People of Car sims! Some time ago, my friend started developing a new type of H-shifter, which will probably outrace all the shifters on the market today.:D i'm going to tell you why. I actually didn't know him, 'till i found his project on /creativeselector/, which is a little Hungarian funding site. I immediately saved the page, since i always dreamed of a H-shifter, but how the hell can a 18 year old guy can afford one at today's pricing. So the project went on, he really stepped up his game, and i finally decided to contribute, and i signed up for a shifter, and a really special one: with a transparent side cover and led's inside, so you can see the whole mechanism. I paid the price via Bank account. I was checking it out almost every day, until the shifter was fully done, and he started making the first 30 shifters, for the donators. I'm super excited about receiving mine, which will happen really really soon, so i'll keep you guys updated. Here is the link to the site, which is hungarian, but you can see the pictures and use Google Translate: https://www.facebook.com/herrysproducts?fref=ts He will soon start an indiegogo funding, you can check everything out on there, sicne it will be all in english. He is also working on a loadcell pedal set, and handbrakes. Check it out, i'll bet you will like it. :D Cheers from Hungary. -Csaba

Some details about the Shifter:

-Realistic shifting feel (better than most market shifters out available.)

-6+1 Speed open gated design

-Stainless steel 12,5cm gear stick w/ interchangeable knob

-5mm Aluminium shift plate

-100% Aluminium frame

-100% Aluminium mechanism

-Carbon vinyl covered sideplates (the Modding type also has a transparent cover)

-Plastic edge covers

-Very strong iron double fixing

-USB plug-and-play, which, of course means, plug it in, and start shredding. :D

-PC-compatibility ONLY (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, Linux)

-Two Versions: Standard & Modding

-Modding: 4 blue LED's, transparent side cover, you can see the guts of the shifter)

Estimated price of the shifters are:

Modding 115 Euros

Normal 100 Euros

(Import fees, tariffs, and shipping not included)

Find on indiegogo from 21th of September

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