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Multiplayer Hoppers


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Hi guys, 

Noticed in in last few days that on going into the MP hoppers, the options to select the likes of wheel to wheel in Standard Races are now missing. I initially get the beginners "second" option, however on moving down there's no option for a "calendar great" or  "wheel to wheel" option anymore and then when I go back up, the second beginner option is missing. 

Any ideas? I've tried deleting my save (both console and cloud), clearing the cache etc, still no change. 

I cant find anything on the net or anything on here either. If it has been removed, the devs or the publishers need to pull their finger out and communicate much much better. I'm new to this franchise and game and I'm slowly becoming disallousioned. (Get volunteers to pass out the info, have a direct link between users and devs)

Any input would be great. 
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i report this bug some days before (on ps4) but no one seem to be preoccupied by this. 
lot's of my friends stop playing this game and i think there's less and less people online , 
yesterday i find only 4 people in standard sprint, maybe it's dead for this year that's all, sorry.
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