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[BUG] [DIRT RALLY] XBOX 360 controller disconnects when bumping into objects


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[BUG] [DIRT RALLY] XBOX 360 controller disconnects when bumping into objects

I bought Dirt rally through steam because it looks like an awsome game. After installing the game I started playing, but I noticed right at the start that my original xbox 360 controller which i have connected to my pc through an original microsoft receiver disconnects whenever I seem to get (heavy) damage. Since this is my first game I tend to collide with walls and trees quite often at in my starting hours as a rookie driver. First I thought the battery may have been nearly dead and that the force feedback was too much for the battery. however the controller should indicate that the battery is nearly dead by flashing all four numbers and it doesn't. Nevertheless I changed the batteries for new ones but to no effect. Then I tried to see if it was a driver issue, but uninstallign the driver and restarting the pc and reinstalling had no effect either.  I then tried other games to see if the same problem would act up in other games, but tried Fifa 13 and Fifa 15, no problems there.
Then went in the game (Dirt Rally) again and turned off forced feedback and the problem was gone!

I am runnign windows 10
I run it under the newest steam client (automatically updated)
I have an intel I5 processor
An Nvidia Geforce GTX560TI Hawk (MSI)
I'll put some more specs of my computer online tomorrow and I will also install the same game on another computer and see what happens there
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