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My Logitech G923 (xbox) works perfectly on F1 2020 but the steering is too sensitive on F1 2021

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I use a Logitech G923 on my Xbox series X. It works perfectly on F1 2020. I just got F1 2021 and the steering wheel is too sensitive even with the sensitivity turned down to zero. A quarter turn of the wheel registers as a full 100% turn. in F1 2020 the steering was automatically calibrated and i never had to touch it. my hands turned the wheel in a 1 for 1 representation of what i saw in the screen. now in F1 2021 i turn the wheel just a little bit and the driver on screen is turning the wheel very far. It makes it really hard to drive. i was excited for the new game but id rather play the old one if the steering is this off.

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