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5 hours ago, Naxlr said:

Unfortunately you may be waiting a while for that one in career mode/my team as they are supposed to simulate a career of a f1 driver . They probably real f1 driver's who hate / struggle in rain but can't just magically turn it off for them . I get the point of maybe should be a option but seems with the new floor damage etc they heading towards slightly more sim so your option wouldn't really fit in to that direction. Full traction maybe part of your problem the acceleration is effected pretty badly using that . 

But he can just magically turn on ABS on his car to not struggle with the brakes.  Does it make sense for all of you?

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5 hours ago, JeremyKrueger said:

i dont have a problem playing in the occasional rain but in f1 2021 almost every race weekend now has 1-3 days rain (in my game atleast) and with the new practice modes being even more important to complete now it just gets really old really quick if u cant give me a no rain option how about a reduced/ increased chance system or some kind of option because as it is right now i am getting WAY TO MUCH RAIN and it has taken all the fun out of playing to the point i have gone back to my modded f1 2020 just to avoid every weekend being rained out so come on @BarryBL please give us the option 

+1  every race weekend i am getting rain not fun anymore

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