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Tyre allocation: You can not select your tyres when loading into the race [ Soft, Balanced, Harder selection of tyres ] in online/offline play

I thought this ruling was in affect as of next season.  

I do not have consent from all users involved in videos/pictures with their names/gametags


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You cannot change the tyre allocation do that in F1 2021 because in the real life F1 season they made it so Pirelli (F1 tyre manufacture) chose the tyres. Last real life season drivers chose some tyres so there are the soft, balanced and harder in previous F1 games.

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As sated in the post, I thought it was for next season. And as they are using the early original calendar schedule I thought they might be using the same ruling for other areas of the game. 

Thought it be best to post incase is all. 

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  • Codemasters Staff

Hi @AG92

As mentioned in this thread the Tyre Allocation in-game has been changed to match the real world regulations as set out by the FIA. 

As a quick note, if you come across any other issues you want to report, please use our dedicated Bug Reporting Template to help us replicate and deal with any future issues you may wish to report.


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