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[PS4/PS5] International Esports Racing European Regionals - Season 1


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League Information

This is a "new" league but in reality we are entering our 4th season running this league and are starting again at season 1 after a rebrand.

We welcome all driver of all skill levels and assist use currently living in Europe

We have 2 leagues: Tuesday's and Wednesdays - races start at 8PM UK time (9PM CET)

Both division have a mix of faster and slower drivers, using assists and no-assists, so there should be a few drivers to battle with each race.

Calendar below


Race Format  

Short Qualifying (18 minutes)

50% Race Distance

Full Setup

Full Damage

Dynamic Weather

Ghosting Off

Strict Corner Cutting


How to join?

Head over to our discord and a committee member will help you get signed up! https://discord.gg/Ju8G3VJxXy


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