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Portimao, Imola & Jeddah: Out Now ✅


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Jeddah was probably the track I was least excited about out of the three new ones but i'm actually feeling quite positive about it now.  Of course, the track itself might be an actual dud in real-life racing but I think the representation of it from the game will actually be quite good, which is the least you can ask for really. 

I assume it'll be coming with the F2 update simultaneously around mid-November so hopefully it will be a good finale to the three. 

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15 minutes ago, svensenk86 said:

Just had my first laps in Imola...oh man that feels so good,i love this track since i played grand prix 2 😄 Just amazing this Layout. Kind of home coming,much better than all those new tracks.

Great work with the new tracks guys 💪

At risk off sounding like a broken record... This track was also awesome on F1 championship edition... Ai used to have mass stacks which never get old.  Played original Grand Prix which was mind blowing..  but think I missed Grand Prix 2 

montreal on Grand Prix was awesome for young teen me.. 26 cars would start and about 10-11 would finish... wall off champions taking most victims.

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11 hours ago, Sector4 said:

I hope they put the 2021 F2 drivers in the driver market. There's like 5 drivers I'd really like to hire in My Team. 

Off-topic but I am curious to whom the 5th one would be. It'd have to be someone who wasn't on this iteration of the game.

Now, Piastri, Pourchaire, Lawson and Vips are pretty much givens, surely?

I can only assume Deledda isn't top of the wishlist, despite his mercurial talents. 

Verschoor - Seems fairly handy without being too exciting.

Zendeli - I think his helmet makes him more appetising. Although I imagine that novelty would wear off and you could just be him in Grand Prix.

Nannini - Bring the name back to the grid?

Beckmann - He's driven for two teams so far and I very almost forgot he was on the grid. Means he's not one i'm thinking it'll be.

Boschung - Was on last years. Maybe hired him on that and had a sentimental attachment?

Petecof - If he's even in the game then he's the only one statistically worse than Deledda so maybe a bottom-of-the-barrel to the top-of-the-tree story?

Viscaal - A race to get a Dutch driver to the title before Max?  I would assume Verschoor would be better for that though. 

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1 hour ago, SmokyAtom07 said:


Live scenes of when I posted it hoping people would take the bait.   It hasn't gone as spectacularly as i'd hoped! 

Not really, I was the only one to bite. 😂😂 It seemed very strange to me when they confirmed that Turkey was not going to be there, but well...

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7 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

I got Turkey last night. Hasn't it installed for the rest of you yet?

Mine is just installing turn 8 right now. Excited! 

Imagine if they do give everyone a Christmas Turkey and it looks like there are some real prophets in this group who knew all along. 😂

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