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Portimao, Imola & Jeddah: Out Now ✅


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1 hour ago, Sector4 said:

Last I checked, the timer in the game said "New challenges in X hours". Could have changed in the meantime, though. 

Still the same Forza battlefield and GTA trilogy are out this week. I can't imagine why we wouldn't see Jeddah and F2 2020 today. Hopefully they throw us in a decent surprise too.  

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And I quote "The Jeddah Corniche layout has been billed as the world's fastest street circuit, with drivers expected to reach average speeds of 250kph and top speeds of 322kph." OK, it's already the middle of November and FOM is certain Jeddah will be completed in time for the first ever Saudi Arabia Grand Prix - so how soon before this amazing circuit is made available in the game? Actually, I got a great offer on the standard edition of the game and decided to getting it solely on the basis of Jeddah! So bring it sooner rather than later Codemasters! 

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