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Is stuttering/optimization usually in the first patch?

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Because I can't deal with this massive stuttering. My system can run 100+ frames on high preset, but in every mode I'm getting stuttering and freezes. It took one particular incident in which the wheel was yanked out of my hands before I finally came here to vent. I've run through all the AA options, lowered various settings as low as I dare, turned v-sync on and off, set the refresh rate manually before returning to auto, and I just can't find the secret sauce to make the game smooth enough to play. 

I remember having this issue at launch in a previous year and it getting taken care of rather quickly, but I haven't played since 2018. Are they still doing optimizations in their first major patch that should've been out by now, or are there otherwise some creative tricks to hopefully alleviate this issue? Because I really want to get driving, but not in this state. 

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I'm also suffering with this. I thought it was something with my PC.
I'm running on Ryzen x5900, Geforce RTX 3070, 16gb ram, clean windows install (nothing on background), dx12, last nvidia driver.
First I thought my FPS was dropping, but even disabling ray tracing and other things I still had those stutters. My FPS is always +100 (1440@144hz), so, I hope next patch fix it, otherwise I'll go back to console.
Ah, I also got Ego crash. 😐

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