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F1 2020/2021 ERS Harvesting bar

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Hi, can anyone please explain how the harvesting function works? I understand you only get a certain amount of overtake each lap (green bar) and this resets each lap and the overall percentage of ERS will decrease the more you use.

I see the harvesting bar also resets each lap but this doesn't seem to make any difference to the overall percentage of ERS or the overtake bar no matter how much you harvest.

For example the harvest bar can be full and when you finish the lap it resets and nothing changes (the percentage bar doesn't increase and the green bar will also still fill up).

Ive tried going flat out in Monza with no rules, with overtake on until it runs out and so i dont harvest hardly any energy at all but at the end of the lap the green bar will still fill up again and no changes again to the overall percentage.

I could understand if i could see the percentage bar changing at the end of the lap with I harvest alot, or if i didnt harvest anything and see the green bar not fully fill but it doesn't seem to make any difference at all. 

I also know that when you break and dont go flat out during the lap, the overall percentage does increase slightly but the harvest bar wont decrease, it will still continue increasing. I would of thought that the harvested energy would be transferred so the harvest bar would go down but still nothing changes.  

If anyone could please explain how the function works that would be great. Thanks 

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