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The game came with a manual that has more than 1 page o.o

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Went in expecting to have to tune my wheel for awhile. I'm sure I'll need to tweak it over time, I always do. But surprisingly, I threw on my Monaco wheel settings for F1 2012 (I have the Fanatec CSR, so I have 5 different presets. 2 for Forza (street vs racecars) 1 for dirt3 and 2 for F1 (Monaco and everywhere else lol)) adjusted the in-game steering linearity a bit, and was able to have fun with it on race one. 

The AI race like douche bags, and run me off the track on the straights, makes things interesting lol. There was also a hilarious wreck on lap two where someone managed to roll on the kink right just after the S/F line. I swung wide and slid sideways around the wreck which drew a grin on my face.

Handling is a bit floaty, but enjoyable. I tried to stuff it in a corner and drift to catch a guy in front of me, which would have 100% worked on Grid2 and I wound up backwards in the sand trap.

I do kind of wish more games would adapt the Forza clutch programming, where if you miss a shift it just causes damage to your trans instead of not going in gear. Since unlike real life my shifter still goes in gear, so I have to take it out, then back in again, which is annoying. Do wish they has some lights or something on the cars dash, so I didn't have to leave the hud up though.Minor details though.

First race impressions lead me to believe I will have plenty of fun with this game, far more than Grid 2 that's for sure. It was also funny to me, that I have been running my F1 season, and grinded out a few races over the last couple days to get to the halfway point in the season, last race was Hockenheimring, which turned out to be the first race in GAS. Very immersive CM haha :P

I'm sure I'll find annoyances as I go, but first race impressions are good. 
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