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Accuforce and Non supported wheel fix


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Okay guys.

Here is my F1 2015 fix for the Accuforce.

First up I want to give a big thanks to Berney from SimXperience for gifting be a copy of the game so I could write this fix.

Accuforce and Non supported wheel fix

Just like Dirt Rally the new F1 2015 doesn't support wheels like the Accuforce and OSW. This guide will tell you how to get the Accuforce and other unsupported wheels going with F1 2015.

I will start with a little background about what problems this game has with direct drive wheels and the bugs I have encountered. Just like in Dirt Rally, F1 2015 treats any wheel that it does not recognise as a standard game controller like an Xbox controller so it only enables the rumble effect there is no other FFB at all, no tyre force or cornering force, not even any damper. For the most part the wheel is completely lifeless, like it is turned off. You only get a rumble effect when you hit kerbs. For this reason you NEED to use the SimXperience FFB to create the FFB. This works really well and it feels much better than codemasters standard FFB (I use SimXperience FFB for all the other F1 and codemasters games)

In addition to the lack of FFB there is also some bugs when you are using a custom controller. It seems like they have bound the controller to the controller order in windows and not the hardware ID of the devices. This means that if the controller order changes for any reason then it will cause the custom controls to bug out. This can happen if you reboot your computer or if you plug in or remove a USB controller while outside of the game, even turning your wheel on and off can be enough to cause F1 2015 to panic.

There are 2 or 3 main bugs that happen when using a custom controller. The first is that it will forget which device your wheel is and jump to another random device. This usually causes the wheel to pull hard left and the pedals to get stuck down. This is easy to fix and it just involves rebinding all your controls. The second bug is when the custom control file gets corrupted and it causes the game to listen for the Axis on all controllers. This usually means that you have half steering, like you can only turn in one direction and sometimes the pedals still works. If this happens you need to create a new custom profile from scratch and copy the keyboard profile. There is also another similar bug which will corrupt your custom profile then not let you save a new profile. If this happens quit the game and create a new custom profile based off the keyboard profile. There is also yet another bug that sometimes won't bind the axis properly, you bind them in the control panel okay but then in game it will be listening on all axis. To get around this set all the axis to unassigned by binding them all to something like your clutch then bind them all back to the correct access.

This is also most likely the cause of the separate pedal issue that others are having with F1 2015 http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/7591/f1-2015-pc-steam-edition-no-seperate-wheel-and-pedals-useable You need to make sure you create a new custom profile from scratch if your old one gets corrupted because it will do the combining axes problem described in these posts.

If you press F1 while on the Custom profile then it will just edit your existing custom profile, if the profile is corrupted then this will not fix your problems. If you hit F1 on the keyboard profile then it will create a new custom profile based on the keyboard profile. You need to do this if your custom profile gets corrupted (Which happens easily)

Do not use the "Direct Input" templates like you do in Dirt Rally. F1 2015 is running on the new version of the EGO engine designed for the Next Gen consoles. They have changed the way that the XML works. Most of the XML files that I used for my first Dirt Rally fix are no longer there. Now they just use one XML file for the Actionmap bindings. In the Actionmap they have removed the ability to restrict an axis or button to a specific controller using the "restricted_device="{1CB004D8-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" variable. They have completely removed this from the XML. This means that if you try to make a custom Actionmap then the game won't know which device your X axis is on so it will listen for the X axis on all devices. This will cause conflicting axes.

F1 2015 is very temperamental when it comes to custom controls but if you follow my guide then it does work well, just expect the game to corrupt your controller settings a lot and expect to have to reset your bindings pretty much every time you reboot your PC.

Now that I have covered the bugs and problems with controller support I will get on to how to set up the controller. It is a lot more straight forward than my fix for Dirt Rally but you need to be aware of the bugs that I have listed above and how to fix them if they happen. I have recorded a video which I will link at the bottom which shows all the bugs and how to fix them.

Procedure is very important while setting up the controllers. It is pretty straight forward but you have to do things in the correct order.

Step 1

As soon as you enter the game you will get a lovely prompt telling you that the game doesn't support any of your controllers. Just click okay to this.

Step 2

Go to the KEYBOARD profile and press F1. This is important, you MUST do this from the Keyboard profile, if you do it from the direct input profiles then you will get some of the bugs above. You should see this message

Step 3

Bind all your controls. Don't leave anything unassigned because that can cause the profile not to save (This seems a bit random, sometimes you can save and other times you can't so it is best to bind everything


If you have a WORKING custom profile then you can edit it by pressing F1 on the CUSTOM profile screen, this will edit your profile instead of creating a new profile. This is useful for when you get the less serve problem when it forgets your controller but doesn't corrupt the profile. I have found that it is best to unbind your controls first but it is probably better off just starting from scratch if the profile is corrupt.

This should give you basic driving control but you will have pretty much no FFB, just rumble on the kerbs. If you have a wheel like the OSW or Bodnar then you are stuck. I haven't found a way to get FFB going on these types of wheels, we will have to wait until they bring out a controller type override like they did with Dirt Rally.

However, if you have an Accuforce then you are in luck because you can use Sim Commander to create the FFB from telemetry and that works really well, much better than the standard codemasters FFB.

These next steps are how to set up F1 2015 in Sim Commander. This also applies for Sim Vibe.


 Sim Commander has just been updated to support F1 2015

 Step 1

 Create a new game entry using the F1 2015 game plugin. Use the following settings.

Step 2

Go back to the Manage Sim Buttons screen and click Auto Discover and it will create a new blank template.

These are the settings I was playing around with. They feel pretty good. Because you are getting so little FFB from the game FFB I think it is good to leave it on as well as the Steering Feedback Foundation (Simxperience FFB) It gives you a nice rumble on the kerbs etc. If you find that the kerbs are too rough then turn down the game FFB intensity. I found that road bumps work well, again tweak that to how bumpy you like your FFB. I did some quick clipping analysis with the SFF FFB at 100% and it seemed pretty good, again, adjust this to your liking.

I found that 360-400 degrees of rotation works best if you want to match the in game animation.

That should get everything working.

I have recorded a video demonstrating all the different controller bugs and how to fix them.

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