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Favorite thing about F1 2021 ?

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Let's make this a world record 1 word response thread guys on your 1 favourite thing about this years game and it may even serve for feedback ... I'll go first ...



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So much fun with developing the car and make the practise programms together.

I really hope CM will improve this and make a multiplayer season next game (with more than two players, f.e. 4 overall would be enough) ! 🙂

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the one and only reason to buy the game was for me and a friend: the 2 player career.

all other things are basically copy and paste with the same bugs and even some more.

also the menu music is pleasant.

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I personally find the handling a little better especially the brakes. Each year from F1 2018 on they’ve really improved the handling in my opinion. Also the AI has improved as well.

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The ai I would say I stopped playing 20 after a few grand prix as the train like behavior was just so bad . And 19 was just perfect ai so least this year they are agressive and more racey and make mistakes etc . So although looks like career mode /my team will have to wait for patches but not a problem was probably holding off till imola and Algarve are added anyway. At least can have good battles with the ai and also they Battle with each other ..... 

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