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F1 2021 PS5- Dualsense adaptive trigger motors excessively loud


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  • A detailed description of the issue - when the adaptive trigger function is enabled, the motors are clicking really loud to the point I’ve turned it off. It’s happing on both controllers I have. 
  • Report Code - n/a
  • Platform? PS5
  • Game-mode? - braking point
  • What troubleshooting have you tried? Updated game, turned console off and reset. Turned adaptive triggers high and off. Tried alternate controller
  • How do you make the problem happen? Happens in each race in braking point with adaptive triggers on.
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Today I went back to the store because I thought my controller was faulty because of this :) Every new gear clicks and going into the grid it also ticks and some ticks in between. I got a new controller, and it turns out it was the 'adaptive trigger' function. Of course I returned the new controller and got my old one back. I was pretty positive that this wasn't the case some days ago, but for some reason I turned this on without knowing yesterday and I thought my controller broke. Anyway, would be a good candidate to fix. Thnx for the great game @codemasters.
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This is happenening for me too. As described by the OP.

I've noticed the issue goes away if I have the PS5 headset plugged in.

With normal TV sound, the left trigger is clicking and especially under braking. And the audio from the engineer and speech in Breaking Point is missing.

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