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Handling compared to TOCA 2

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I played TOCA 2 and TOCA 3, extensively on the Xbox and PC. I would say that GAS certainly feels more "simulation-esque" in its handling than TOCA 2.  If I had to compare it, I'd say it feels like TOCA 3, with the "Pro Sim Physics" mode (I think that's what they called it) enabled.  My realistic handling itch is getting scratched by it, but it's not iRacing in terms of handling realism.  I think it has struck a nice balance for an alternative, quasi-realistic racing game.
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Ok based on your reply I decided to go get the game. Played 3 hours last night.  My Gt is BillowyBeech. I'm playing on manual with no assists and hood view and controller. The touring cars are the best part of the game, hoping we get more tracks.  Had fun with the drift and demolition on racenet challenge - pure arcade fun.  Don't like the handling of the open wheelers and endurance cars, no weight to the cars.
I'm not happy with the lack of brake feedback - there isn't any at all.  I'm getting used to it but sure would be nice to feel the car react when hitting the brakes hard. Overall I'd rate the game 6 / 10 compared to Toca 2. 

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