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[PC] [Sunday & Friday] Quality Racing League looking for Drivers for Tier 1 and 2!

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We at QRL are looking for new drivers to compete in the First/Fourth Season of QRL!
This is the first Season of a Rebranded League previously known as Valiant & Grip Racing League.
We currently are in the Sign-Up Period and will be till the 31st of July and the Season will officially begin the 6th and 8th of August!
Currently we are gonna be hosting Social Races and will be announcing more in the Future.

Our Links:
Discord: https://discord.gg/jNbGT9CqHA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/QualityRacingL

Important Information:


Session Privacy: FRIENDS ONLY
Car Category: F1 2021
Car Setup: FULL
Car Performance: EQUAL

Practice Format: OFF
Qualifying Format: SHORT ( 18 Minutes )
Session Length: LONG ( 50% )

Quick Weather: DYNAMIC
Session Start Time: REALISTIC
Forecast Accuracy: PERFECT

Corner Cutting Stringency: STRICT
Parc Fermé Rules: ON
Safety Car: STANDARD
Formation Lap: ON

AI Difficulty: 50
Surface Type: REALISTIC
Recovery Mode: NONE
Car Damage: REDUCED
Car Damage Rate: STANDARD
Low Fuel Mode: EASY
Race Starts: MANUAL
Collisions: ON
Ghosting: ON
Tyre Temperature: SURFACE & CARCASS


Steering Assist: OFF
Braking Assist: OFF
Anti-Lock Brakes: ON/OFF
Traction Control: MEDIUM/OFF
Dynamic Racing Line: CORNERS ONLY/OFF

Pit Assist: OFF
Pit Release Assist: OFF
ERS Assist: OFF
DRS Assists: OFF

We hope to see you in the server soon!

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