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1.      The reflection on the vehicle when driving under banners or lights is “laggy” and “unrealistic” or “slow” and “not smooth” as seen in the video inserted.


2.      F1 2021 PlayStation 4

3.       This issue occurs on any game mode. Night or day

4.      I could not find anyone with this same issue

5.      You can see in the video as the vehicle passes under the banner that it is not a smooth reflection and neither are the lights as they reflect off the vehicle. 
Please help, thank you
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7 hours ago, OwnMasterMad said:

What settings are you using.

What settings are you referring to?

You can see what I’m talking about better in the two new videos I attached. You can see the “lag” in the reflection of trees and banner on the car. For some reason on replay the reflection is a lot more smoother. Look closely.

I don’t know if re-downloading the game would help

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6 hours ago, Hichel18 said:

I would say thats because the ps4 runs on a "lower" graphics settings than the next gen/PC do be able to run better

That would mean that everyone who has the game on ps4 would be experiencing what I am and I haven’t seen anyone with the same issue.

You can see what I’m referring to better with the two new videos I attached.


If you look closely you can see the difference of the reflection on the car during gameplay versus replay. On gameplay the reflection is not smooth and on replay it is. 

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I see what you mean and I do not disagree, maybe its even related to the ferrari weird steering wheel in low quality that gets fixed in replay, but I Always thought that was the reason and could still be

@BarryBL is there any difference between quality in Racing and on replay that could justify this on old gen? If not I will complement with my report too.


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