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AI Pit Strategy bug

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I was in a 50% F2 race and on the second lap, the safety car went in, so every cars entered to the pit and changed the tyres to the same compound (medium). I was in 19th, choose using the hard compound and then, won the race because every AI needed to pit again to use the hard compound. Why change the tyres on the second lap to use the same compound and have to pit again at the end of race? That is clearly a pit strategy bug. Beside this, every Ai cars choose the same strategy.

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There is no apparent logic to the AI pit strategy. Everyone starts on softs (even the rank 10+ with free choice), no-one goes long, no under-cut attempts and if it rains (which it does far too much) the pit strategy is out the window - they are in and out changing tyres every few laps. I've seen SSMIIMS - 6 pit stops for no apparent reason.  

There is no real jeopardy created by good/interesting AI pit strategy, mostly you just wait for it to do something stupid. 

Just one of the many aspects that need re-balancing. 


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They (cm) should hire Geoff Crammond he knows how the AI should work.

Copy & paste the AI from Grand Prix 2 or 3 or 4 (games released 20+ years ago), this would be awesome.

Different Pit strategy 

Different car behavior and driving skills 

Made mistakes made crashes 

Sometimes stupid but all in one they had everything. 

And in f1 series from CM its always the same...a GTA train of AI cars with no variations of anything.


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