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RCRL is going into season 4 on f1 2021 on XBOX ONLY. We had a hugely succesful season last year, and are looking to do the same again on f1 2021. We are going to be running 3 tiers this season, to ensure full grids as supposed to the 4 we ran last season. times are as follows:
Tier 1: Sunday 7.15pm
Tier 2: Sunday 5pm
Tier 3: Sunday 5pm
Assists allowed is all except brake, pit, pit release, drs and ers.

To join the league, join the discord here and complete the sign up process: https://discord.gg/3qyqvp2s5j
We are a well established league which has been running since f1 2019. Hope to see you on the track! All races are streamed on twitch at either RCRL_streams or rcrl_streams2
Calendar is on the discord

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We have an all new F2 division running at 7pm on friday for f1 2021. To join it, use the same discord invite and ask in the recruitment area for further info. another thing to add all abilities are welcome as long as you understand how to drive clean and respectfully.

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