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The AI is phenomenal


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It's probably the best AI I've seen. Great awareness of your car. Really fast. Can race in packs very easily. Not sure if they run with the same physics, but they don't seem otherwise: to explain my point, in Project Cars 2 (for example) AI rivals are extremely fast or slow depending the corner. Clean while feeling lively: I know they tend to generate caos sometimes, but far from being an issue it actually makes it fun and less predictable (occasional caos is good). 

I can see specific aspects where other AIs are better, for example Assetto Corsa's ability to retain position. But in general, Grid 2019 is one of the best if not the best one out there. 

I think they nailed and improved it hugely from Autosport. It makes offline racing very enjoyable and makes up for other aspects where the game is weaker. 

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I hope to god the latest game is better in that regard because for the first three games the AI is really bad. I'm about to quit/DNF Autosport because the rubberbanding and AI cars spinning you out is so bad.

Even the first Forza game from 2005 had better and more consistent AI.

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I think it's phenomenal, but depends on what you think it's more important. To be honest, that hasn't changed much. I feel there is rubberbanding (don't mind it in an arcade racer). And there is, indeed, situations where they spin you out.

But honestly I feel those were my fault because I put my car where I shouldn't. I do think the awareness they have of the player and the rest of the grid is exceptional, while also being perfectly fair and feeling so lively. 

I think it's an evolution of Autosport, but so much better in every aspect. They defend changing the side they are on track, if you do the same they adapt their driving line, they divebomb in a fair way, they can race side by side several consecutive corners... I don't recall them doing all that in Autosport.

In fact (and I remember this perfectly) in AS they always would drive too wide in certain situations, drifting. They would repeat that in such a robotic way I could take advantage of it so easily. They still do it, but now it's so tamed and inconsistent that it has become a virtue, like a human driver punctually making mistakes. 

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I only have a couple nit picks about the GRID 2019 AI. One, when I go out of my way to avoid contact, often times an AI will swerve into me just for passing them. With the "Nemesis" system, it's implied the player should only be treated this way if they contact the AI too heavily, or too many times, but that is often not the case.

The other one is the AI will a lot of times swerve erratically back and forth left and right in front of you once you come up on them. I mean I know drivers often try to slow the pack or even block to aid their teammates, but not in such a nervous, potential crash causing way.

Don't get me wrong, most of the time the AI drive as I would expect, and take pretty good lines, but other times, it's like they went brain dead and just want to mess with you.

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