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F1 2021 | Online Services Down For Maintenance | 26/07/2021 ×

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It's probably the best AI I've seen. Great awareness of your car. Really fast. Can race in packs very easily. Not sure if they run with the same physics, but they don't seem otherwise: to explain my point, in Project Cars 2 (for example) AI rivals are extremely fast or slow depending the corner. Clean while feeling lively: I know they tend to generate caos sometimes, but far from being an issue it actually makes it fun and less predictable (occasional caos is good). 

I can see specific aspects where other AIs are better, for example Assetto Corsa's ability to retain position. But in general, Grid 2019 is one of the best if not the best one out there. 

I think they nailed and improved it hugely from Autosport. It makes offline racing very enjoyable and makes up for other aspects where the game is weaker. 

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