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It seems to be different for each player.

If I had to order them in the game and in real-life then i'd have;

Game                       Real Life

Mercedes                  Red Bull

McLaren                   Mercedes  

Red Bull                   McLaren

Aston                        Ferrari

Ferrari                        Aston

Alpine                        Alpine

Alpha Tauri              Alpha Tauri

Alfa Romeo              Alfa Romeo

Haas                         Williams

Williams                     Haas


So, not awful?   Yet it doesn't tell the full story. They're all way quicker than in real life anyway as they're like 5 seconds faster sometimes. 

In real life, i'd have Williams more than marginally lower than Alfa but George being the reason they look closer than they are. I think Latifi is doing a solid job but pales next to George.   In the game, George is always last, no idea why. Alfa are never close to the points on my version when they are in real life... sometimes. 

I forget Alpine are a team.  A shame as I like their livery and Alonso shouldn't be in the midfield again.  In the game they're on the fringes of points, I think they're about right in the charts though.. 

Now Ferrari are ahead of the other midfield teams, particularly Leclerc who can sneak podiums here and there. Probably fine compared to real life?

I'd have Haas as the same speed as the track sweepers but in the game they're competitive with the other backmarkers and always finish higher than Williams and Gio.

Gasly is having a stonker and Tsunoda is having a stinker. My game generally has Gasly as 10ish on average and Tsunoda down in like 14th/15th.  I think the car needs to be slower but Gasly faster to offset Tsunoda. Although Gasly's stats are OP so Tsunoda should probably be 78/79.   Basically the driver stats this year are pants and it makes some teammate pairings not even close. 

Red Bull are faster (marginally) than Mercedes, or at least Max is.  The game doesn't reflect that at all.  Perez is mega in Grand Prix mode for me. Bottas is sucky everywhere, in contrast to last year. 

Aston are quicker than they're supposed to be. It's hard to say how much as in real life, Stroll seems to be doing a last-to-first challenge and qualifying lower than he should and Vettel is an odd one to judge his quality. 

But McLaren... are so good. Like Norris wins races in my Driver Career and regularly finishes third. I'd say they're on par with Red Bull and that's only because Max is like a god on the game at points to drag Red Bull forward. 


So... a start, but alot of tweaks.  Other people will have different results in their game though.  I think the crux of the issues in my findings are the driver stats skewing my opinions. 

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From my observations the engine seems to be updated, but not the rest. So Ferrari engines became noticeable better, but my goodness the drag...

Which also hurts williams but george sometimes goes almost.to the points. Alonso shines close to the top 5. It seems like that the drivers makes a difference higher than the cars

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It's hard to balance, to be honest. In my career (10 out of 16 races) Ferrari is now the second fastest team. Right behind are Red Bull and McLaren. I think the only thing that really needs to be changed is Red Bull and Williams.

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For my opinion the car perfomance is this year quiet close to real life. 

Mercedes and Red Bull are very very close, maybe Red Bull should be a little better in case of aerodynamics and should be the best car overall. In game mercedes is on top. 

McLaren is in the car perfomance chart (when you start career) the 4th best team behind Aston martin, but in case of performance on track they are clearly the 3rd fastes team, like in real life. They are the favorit for the 3rd place of the constructor title behind the topteams, when you start your career. Like in real life, they have the best topspeed. 

Aston Martin and Ferrari should swap in case of car perfomance. Ferrari is quiet fast and can attack the top 10 but aston martin is a little bit to fast in relation to ferrari and mclaren. in Real life they are here and there in top 10, in the game both drivers are good top 10 runners. So Aston martin should be little bit slower in case of aerodynamiks, more like alpin.

Alpin and Alfa Tauri are almost equal, what fits to real life. I think here should be Aston Martin too.

Then comes Alfa Romeo like in real life. Quiet realistic performance.

Haas and Williams are in Case of Car perfomance equal in the game. Here Haas should be the worst car, willams has noticable more downforce in real life. Russell should be a rated faster too, he is a bit to weak in the game. 

Thats it.

I think it is totally okay this year, just little adjustments should be made by codemasters. The results are in the game are quiet realistic and absolutly no game breaker!

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it's unfortunate not to have the cars' performance 2021 updated since the game's release.  august is coming, half of the real formula 1 has already happened this year, not counting the exclusions of classic cars, new tracks that are not in the game, there are many deficits for being the official F1 game!

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I’m doing a regular career with Mercedes, my next career will be with Alfa Romeo or Williams. But I noticed that Mercedes started off first followed by Red Bull, Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari, and so on. I’m just about to start the Australian GP weekend and it’s Mercedes just barely ahead of McLaren, followed by Red Bull, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. McLaren has won three races and Ferrari one and Mercedes the rest. 

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They need to make Red Bull at the very least equal to Mercedes.

McLaren and Ferrari are both good but Aston needs to be needed a bit behind Ferrari. Alpha and Alpine should get a small buff so they're about even with Aston. Then Alfa and Williams should be where Alpine and Alpha currently are. Haas as a result of other buffs wouldnt need changing.

They then need to give Russell more pace so he's a regular q2 and occasional q3 contender. Right now hes always a q1 knockout.

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