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I know the devs/moderators here will be busy at the Moment but it would be nice if we could be kept in the loop with a thread for known issues with devs, which of these issues are scheduled for upcoming patch & approx time frame for performance patch too. 

we are 1 week after full release (nearly 2 if you got deluxe) and most people are non the wiser as to if and when issues will be patched.

would be especially helpful for communities who organise and run leagues as some issues in the game at the moment will prevent leagues from starting on time. 

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Bumping this because it deserves to be. Good call--I was just thinking about this last night and you beat me to it!

For my own part (and I'm guessing many of us), I would like to have a breakdown of the reported issues from the userbase...including some things that might not be considered "bugs." Maybe only suggestions or ideas for fixes that would exist within the given game mode (not things that aren't going to be put in this year's game). Possibly a tiered listing something like:

A. Features/toggles/known bugs/problems being tackled actively by the devs (a good faith statement that, even if it's not in the next patch or two, it's maybe 6 weeks or less out?)

B. Common bugs: things that aren't game-breaking for the majority but are widespread. Presumably things that will be fixed.

C. Things like the 3 tracks that will be added within the "lifecycle" (even if that means 2022, or, heaven help me, 2023 😰).

D. Things that have been reported widely but which aren't bugs, say, things that people are having a hard time finding the setting or knowing when they can access the setting.

I'm all ears if people have better ideas how those things could be listed. The biggest problem is someone would have to sort all that out. But even if it's not a dev and it's one of us, it would probably be a helpful stickied post.

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