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Since I no longer have Xbox Live Gold

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Hi I have encountered a issue since i no longer have xbox live gold anymore, basically on any game mode: career, grand prix etc. i cant seem to be able to change my fuel mix during practice, qualy and the race plus my tyres dont seem to be degredating or losing tyre life so i could do a 1 stop every race but i dont particularly want to do that because it takes away the feeling of earning positions competitively.

I hope to get gold again soon anyway so hopefully it goes back to normal then.

Has anyone else experienced this problem/issue whatever it is???
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That's odd, I'm not sure those issues are related to the lack of Xbox LIVE gold though... Hmm.

Try this: My F1 > Settings > Difficulty. Then change the overall difficulty to Legend. Go back to your career and start your GP session. Once it's started (and you're on the track) check if the fuel options are available. If they are, quit the session and go back to My F1 > Settings > Difficulty and change the settings back to your preferred options. Then carry on your career as normal. This should fix your issue.

Let me know how that goes.
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