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How to solve the AI level problem.. Codemasters PLEAAAASE

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Setting the AI level in career and my team mode is really annoying and kills any joy you get from the game.. especially that it varies from session to session let alone from race to race.. unless ur racing at 110 there is no real sense of achievement as you are setting you own difficulty and test... whats the point?!

There are 2-3 plausible solution to this issue...

Solution 1 : Link AI difficulty to Time Trial

- Most people do their testing and setup on TT so why not set the AI difficulty based on that

- This will also be circuit specific and addresses the the fluctuations in AI capability

- However the developer will need to make the AI maybe 3-7 points better as people tend to make better times in career/my-team mode (especially with easier track limit option)

- Qualification difficulty should be higher as every one gives 


Solution 2: Hot-lap prior to the Race weekend

- Prior to the going to race weekend you can do a One-shot hot lap to setup the difficulty in your own race car with default set-up .. at least its more useful that then those pointless invitational races 

- This will be not only be track specific (based on your season configuration).. but also will take the car development into account 

- Again in this solution developer will need to create an AI that can step up by 3-7 points depending on ho well the player is doing.. especially opponents and rival teams especially in qualification 


Solution 3: Do 3-5 hot laps in representatives circuits prior to starting career/my team mode  

- the only advantage is that its time saving.. and simple

- This can give a generic and range of AI difficulty.. 

- will lack track specific accuracy and will not take car development into account


I would appreciate anyone feedback and its acceptable then people can raise it to codemasters .. cos to be honest its been 1 week and Im already getting board with tedious process of setting  this difficulty at every practice .. qualification and race

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I really like this idea with how the AI.... Last Year i could run most tracks 95-97 this year i am feeling like the Ai has improved and the way the tracks perform that its Different and finding it a pain to figure out Each Track AI level with keeping it still Challenging. 

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