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the toe setting dirt rally dev question (SOLVED)


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 i wonder  , the game talks abaut positive and negative toe setting  , but nowhere in the game it says  that positive  toe    is equal to toe out .     i know   if you set toe out  on the front  the the steeringweel reacts more and toe in  vague .          but some forums say that positive toe   is toe in  .   so to the devlopers of dirt rally     ,     if i set the toe slider to the right   , positive numer  is that toe out or in ?
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OzoreXS said:
I think toe in (convergence) is negative and toe out  (divergence) is positive.

"In" settings are usually aplied to front tyres and "Out" is usually for rear.
I believe it's the other way around. Toe out at the front for better turn in to the corners and toe in at the rear to make it more stable.

Toe out gives you better turn in, but will make the car move around more when picking up speed on the straights.
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i think settings in general should be better explained.

i still dont understand many settings and i havent seen a great guide that explains what does what in any great depth with shown benefits.

most relate to real world rally i seen not to actual ingame benefits. i understand what should work but showing it work and what works for different tracks would be amazing.

also i think that when you have a crew your crew should set your car to the best settings as you progress.that would make them useful.also adds to the gameplay.

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found THE answer .

Toe-in or Toe-out
Toe-in (or negative toe angle) causes the vehicle to resist turning or changing directions. In all vehicles,
negative front toe causes the front end to “lock in” to a somewhat straight line under heavy throttle.
Negative rear toe (or negative toe angle) causes the rear end to slightly resist spinning or sliding. This
can cause the rear to stick to the road more effectively as the throttle increases. This is often desirable
for paved surfaces.
Front toe-out (or positive toe angle) causes the front end of the vehicle to respond quickly to steering
input and changing directions. It also allows for sharper turning angles, although there is no guarantee
the vehicle can handle the sharper turning radius without losing traction.
Rear toe-out (or positive toe angle) causes the back end of the vehicle to swing or slide out more
quickly while accelerating or braking. Even +0.2 degrees of toe out can change a tame RWD or AWD
vehicle into a drift machine.
All negative and positive toe angle effects are dramatically increased when the drive wheels are angled.

while my friend convinced me that positif  is toe in   ,    i went searching on the net  , everywhere  its different   and  he got that from race department  .    but never mentiond it  that he was reading in a Rfactor thread  and yes in Rfactor  if the slider is right you get toe in .    what a bummer .
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Bump. Can devs check to make sure the values are correct? And possibly explicitly state in game if positive = in/out and negative = in/out. It seems like you guys are using positive = toe out and negative = toe in for the front. And positive = toe in and negative = toe out for the rear.

Been playing around with this recently on the mk2. For the front, it's exactly like the description says, negative values increase steering stability, especially bump steering. Positive values make the steering feel twitchy, and even small bumps make it a handful to keep on the road. It also makes counter steering tougher through a turn, almost feels like the front tires dig in. So, for the front in game I assume, negative values = toe in and positive values = toe out. 

On to the rear. The in game description is kinda vague and wrong at least compared to what's happening in game. Positive values make the rear much more manageable through a turn and can use the throttle to good effect a lot more. Haven't run into any noticeable understeer though. Negative values make the car want to oversteer no matter what you do, aside from just slamming on the brakes.

I found an article talking about the effects of toe in/out, these pages describe the effect on the rear.
Toe in
Toe out

So, for the rear, what I've experience in game and the descriptions from that article, in game negative values = toe out and positive values = toe in. Would be helpful to have the values mean the same across both axles.

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Toe in is Positive in real life,  Toe out is negative.  I haven't checked, but from what you are saying, the game does the opposite??  It seems the effects are correct, but the +/- are the wrong way round?

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Yeah, I've seen a few games over the years where positive is out and negative is in. But pretty much any real world discussion is positive/in and negative/out. With that said, the values and behavior for the rear seem to be correct. The description isn't. For the front, the values seem to be switched. Right now in game appears to be negative/in and positive/out. The description for the front toe setting is correct as things are now. If the values are switched to how they should be, then the description for the front toe needs to be changed too.

It's hard to be 100% sure because there's no extreme values this can be set to in order to see how it's reflected on the car itself. But, even going from -0.12 to 0.12 (the lowest settings) to me was a night and day difference in how the steering was affected. This is with the mk2 on Dyffryn Afon.
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