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Preparing for Finland


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Job3k said:
Can we have atleast one sneek peak of finland in dirt rally? I mean screen or something :) @KickUp 
They posted a live video feed of @KickUp recording the co driver audio for Finland a while back
I know but this is so old, You practically See nothing and it was bad quality. I Want something up to date, not finland v 0.2 
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Informative, up to date, high def. That's not in the spirit of D:R Early Access. If you joined the site expecting actual, useful information about upcoming stuff, you are going to be disappointed.

Hints, speculation, unconfirmed rumours, maybes and a timeline without actual dates. That's D:R Early Access. No high def footage until it's available for download. They didn't even announce the game was being made until they had released it on Steam. No fanfare, no adverts, just a tiny little one line post from @justbiglee saying 'Oh by the way, DiRT Rally is available on Steam. Have fun.  ;) )

http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/203/dirty-gossip-thread/p1 <--- This thread is the DiRT Rally way.

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If anyone cares, I'm sure we all know the 555 gets authentic engine audio in this update.
I know know there is another authentic engine recording in the update as well.  
From my tweeting, it should be. New car, but not the RS Focus, but that doesn't men the focus won't be in, just not authentically recorded aound.

Could have recorded the 01 wrx, but, hmm, I dunno.
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meerkat80 said:
And no official skins I guess (even if Ford is a partner).

I wonder if will be a "remaster" of the Finland stages from Dirt 3. 
Probably depends on what you mean by official. The Rally Cross Subaru certainly has a real and official livery.
I believe the main reason the 555 doesn't have it's official WRC livery is because of the connection to State Express 555 cigarettes, even the censored version.

That's why there will never be Martini either, it's alcohol advertising. Even the official F1 games don't have the Martini logo for the Williams cars.
It's the main reason why Martini push the brand as more than just booze with its clothing lines, etc. So they can try to legitimately say they are advertising those rather than the drinks.
Ford do however have a few 'backup' official liveries for the old Focus WRC which they themselves have complete control over. Gran Turismo 2 onwards had the Focus, but never with Martini.

If those even are the cars of course, though the old Focus was more or less confirmed ages ago for appearing at some point IMO with the photo of the old CMR2 recording session, but with the DiRT Rally logo on it. It was surprisingly unsubtle.
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