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F1 2017 Racing Line Assist


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I just picked up F1 2017, and its the first modern racing game I've had since the '80s.  I think its marvelous.

I do have a question about the racing line assist.  I'm halfway through my first season, and suddenly the racing line has changed.  Up to this point, as I enter a turn the yellow and red markers would pop up and then lay down as my speed slowed.  They are still doing that, but now something is different.  As I approach some, but not all, turns a different color marker (different shade of yellow) shows up closer to me but connected to the normal yellow markers, and the gear box display number in the MFD turns red, and there is an orange bar (similar to the DRS bar) that pops up.  I've not yet been able to see what it says (busy negotiating a turn).  


Does anyone know what that is?  


Also, is there a manual or guide that describes all the indictors and what what they mean?


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