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Formula 2 AI being absolutely Wack

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I’m currently doing the 2020 Formula 2 season and am at round 5. So far everything is great and the AI are genuinely fun and challenging to race this year and make huge mistakes. But one thing I have noticed is the questionable and wack qualifying positions of some of the drivers that are just frustrating. Thankfully all of the questionable AI like Sato, Piquet or Samia have all retired in the races leading to them either having 1 point or no points.8E41F193-DCBE-4BE3-A2FC-75357AAEB3DF.thumb.jpeg.5734b24ff6a0c69675af601e2d54764d.jpeg

Marino Sato - Possibly the most confusing AI in the whole game, consistently in the top 5 or top 10 yet finished 22nd in the championship last year

Pedro Piquet - constantly in the top 5 or top 10 yet only scored 1 point last year 

Callum Ilott - Best qualifier of last years championship, 5 pole positions yet in the game can barely scrape the top 5. Should be on pole by a landslide. Ilott is currently leading my championship down to retirements from all the wacky AI positions leading to the top 10 pretty much being like real life. 

Yuki Tsunoda - don’t know if It’s the same as the Markalov bug in 2020 where he was just unbeatable but Yuki is way to damn fast over 1 lap, I mean like demolishes the field by 3-4 tenths and can never be outperformed in qualifying. 

Nikita Mazepin- too slow in the game, his AI never qualifies top 15 let alone the top 10, same for the finishing order. He finished 5th last year with 2 wins and 6 podiums. Sato’s confusing performance in the game is probably what Mazepin’s should be. 


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Sato - Still is trundling around at the back in real life in his second season.  I mean, Nissany isn't exactly a Wunderkind but he was comprehensively beaten by him last year.  This year, Viscaal is a rookie (albeit one with a modicum of talent) and he's again nowhere near him.   Samaia was pants last year (although he's better this year) and he's closer to him than the rest of the field. 

Piquet  - Piquet IS a good driver. He's a little like Mick in that it can take him time to get his feet sorted in a series but he's had success and only him and Vips looked remotely like being at Prema's level in F3 2019. Didn't have a great season in f2 but he could have had at least 15-20 points if it wasn't for penalties and engine failures.  Agree he's rated higher than he performed but he was a handy driver. 

Ilott - A regular complaint.  He's rated like 66/67.  Like 15 points below Tsunoda...  I don't know what he did wrong but they have done him dirty.

Tsunoda - It's probably tied to his 82 rating meaning he is ahead of the field. Or that moustache grants him superhuman powers. 

Mazepin and Ghiotto are both lousy in mine. I think it's more of a hitech thing as they always qualify 18th or lower 90% of the time. 


I agree that the mode itself is pretty good!   However, the team/driver balance is indeed questionable.  Some of the teams are better than others, in a placing that you wouldn't normally expect. For reference;

  • Gelael is good on my game.
  • Samaia is a sprint king.
  • Ticktum is either top 3 or bottom 3. No in-between. 
  • Schumacher is pants. Regularly outside the top 10.
  • Shwartzman is hit and miss. 
  • Daruvala is around 5th/ Him and the ARTs have 5th/6th/7th locked down between them. 
  • Aitken is always near the front
  • Hitech are both always near the bottom.
  • Deletraz is always around the back
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I completely agree with this, the driver/ team balance is pretty wack and sometimes really questionable, thankfully my championship order is pretty much like real life so Ilott leading with Shwartzman, Schumacher, Tsunoda, Lungaard, Ticktum etc. But it could have been Sato, Piquet or Samia having a 3 way title fight if not for them retiring all the time. I think you’re absolutely right in terms of Hitech as a team in the game are pants even though in reality they’re a reallt strong team lead by Olie Oakes who’s not exactly a slouch. 

Tsunoda- his lack of height gives him extra horsepower, his AI is way too damn fast but it might be the the fact his rating in the game is done off of his F1 performance therefore he’s leagues ahead of everyone. But just needs slowing down dramatically in F2. 

ilott- needs to be the qualifying king and just outright the fastest in the field  

Mazepin- needs to be top 10/ top 5 

Schumacher- (I can’t comment as I’m playing as him) 

Sato, Piquet, Samia- need to be back of the field 100% of the time and nothing more. Piquet whilst being a decent racing driver and an F3 race winner, is far far too good in the game. 

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