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Does dirty air exist in this game?

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14 minutes ago, DonBlanko said:

Now i am curious: what exactly happened with the AI in your 30% dirty air tests that makes you calling their behaviour "weirdly"? 😄 

Spain turn 3 (the long flat out right-hander) for example, they would understeer and abruptly brake/slow down mid corner to stay on the track (overdoing in the process). If you tune the value to 100% they just flew right off the track 🤭

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2 hours ago, Bicarda said:

It is fun to have to deal with the same stuff the f1 drivers have to deal with. Wether they enjoy that particular aspect or not, it is very much part of racing now, part of why the strategies are as they are, why the races go as they go. 

that and it’s way more satisfying to overtake if it doesn’t happen every lap. 


just like fifa is a bad representation of football because in a 90 minute game it would be 47-29 at the end. Goals in fifa don’t have the same weight as in actual football because they are way to common to the point that it’s more basketbal with a football skin. (Cause half the attacks are goals)


same goes for f1. Following a car for 32 laps and then finally overtaking after some good ers management is way more rewarding than just passing each other lap after lap because following is too easy

I respect your opinion but I don't agree with it. As I said, I modded the game to experience the same downforce loss real drivers face, and it was a good experience, rewarding in some ways, but I wouldn't define it fun. The amount of understeer was insane and following was very hard, as it should be in real life, but I imagine many people wouldn't find it fun and rewarding. Maybe if the game implemented a realistic dirty air and slipstream that you could turn on and off or toggle I would try it but if I had only one option to choose I would go with the current values of this game rather than be forced to deal with a huge amount of dirty air. But this is only my opinion and I understand I may not be right!

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