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Banning Cheaters, Does Codemasters actually do this?????


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I just saw the video in the attached link of a guy cheating on F1 2021 already. With a little research, I found that he was banned from 2020 for doing the same thing. Will Codemasters be removing his TT times again this year and banning him???? It appears he's selling the cheat code. As he is on PC I cannot monitor the times to see if he is removed again this year.


F1 2021 Hacker Multiplayer TT - YouTube

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what about wreckers, as well?    i mean it's good the game has replays in 2021, but why only from the players perspective~?  it would of really helped  find out cheats wreckers etc..had the replay mode allowed you to view the racing from any cars perspective  .....otherwise what's the point of the user terms/conditions notification before f12021 first allows you toi play the game for the first time?

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