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Telemetry Data - Event packet (start session) not sent in or after Time Trial

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A detailed description of the issue:   There are two messages that are generated at the the beginning (STRT) and end  (SEND) of a "session". When running in Time Trial and a session immediately after a time trial the STRT event is not sent at the correct time, and with "invalid" data.

NoteFormat of my log data is: Message received Date/Time + MsgType, UID, SourceIP, SessionTime, PlayIndex, Version | DataBeingLogged

At the end of a TT session i see a SEND and then an unexpected SSTA

2021-07-26 12:13:09.626+3,3293516312674155847,,219.97751,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000001,1
2021-07-26 12:13:09.733+3,3293516312674155847,,219.97751,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000000,0
2021-07-26 12:13:10.439+3,3293516312674155847,,0,0,2021.1.4|SEND     <= expected End of session
2021-07-26 12:13:10.440+3,14788111507831082358,,0,0,2021.1.4|SSTA    <= invalid START of session (note UID value)
2021-07-26 12:14:17.907+3,0,,0,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000001,1
2021-07-26 12:14:17.939+3,0,,0,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000000,0

Then going back in to do a new TT, the data just starts ... BUT the UUID has changed (From testing this behavior is the same regardless of what session happens next, no STRT is generated for the new "session"

2021-07-26 12:40:14.233+3,9122755524027100801,,0,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000001,1
2021-07-26 12:40:14.376+3,9122755524027100801,,0,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000000,0
2021-07-26 12:40:14.455+1,9122755524027100801,,0.012398557,0,2021.1.4|0,31,2    <= first data for a new session (note uid)

Then at the end i get another SEND and SSTA

2021-07-26 12:42:21.456+3,9122755524027100801,,113.699394,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000001,1
2021-07-26 12:42:21.581+3,9122755524027100801,,113.699394,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000000,0
2021-07-26 12:42:22.242+3,9122755524027100801,,0,0,2021.1.4|SEND       <= Valid SEND
2021-07-26 12:42:22.244+3,8475959009886494307,,0,0,2021.1.4|SSTA     <= Unexpected Start
2021-07-26 12:42:25.610+3,0,,0,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000001,1

Report Code: None
Platform:   PC
Game Mode:  Time Trial (see info above for scenario as this affects the next session)

What troubleshooting have you tried? None except, tested multiple scenarios/game modes to see how often this occurs.

Any screenshots or video of the issue? None, see diagnostics above

How do you make the problem happen? Generate telemetry in TT session to see when certain events get fired. Also see data from session after a completed TT session ie start a GP and do a practice/Quali/OSQ

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