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I simply can't take much more of this

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2 hours ago, johnimusMG said:

I agree with a lot - not all - of this. I can't agree about your bug complaints because I play Ps4 with a wheel and have had no issues.

But on the content side, yes, I agree entirely. And I would add another: The AI is borked. Broken. Ridiculous.

They are in the first instance too fast. Absurdly too fast. Like sub one minute at Austria too fast. They have absurd pace through high speed corners - the kind of speed no human driver can replicate.

But you can account for that by lowering the difficulty. The biggest issue is how inconsistent the AI are: Absurdly fast at places like Silverstone and Spa, but not hugely challenging at Hungary, for example. It makes setting the difficulty for a career mode a complete lottery. It is game breaking and immersion breaking. The AI's on-track behaviour - their fighting and so on - is good. But their raw speed and performance is absurd. 

It honestly feels to me as if this game got ZERO play testing before release.

This is how the F1 games are every year. Inconsistent track to track. Very annoying but its always been like that in Codemasters F1 games.

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