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Mexico blurry track graphics

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I'm on PS4 Pro, I noticed in F1 2021 that replays and flashbacks can be very blurry but I've actually just got this in normal track mode too, I'm in MyTeam career single player and in all practice sessions there are blur patches, some are the obvious loading sponsor signs like when you view cars in the showroom, they blur and get clearer with time, but there are random patches in the sky, crowd and track as I'm racing around, it's actually quite distracting. Anyone else have this? Know why? I don't know any other game that does this so extreme on console.

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Can't say I've noticed any of this on the PRO, textures do load in but they're generally quicker than 2020 and tracks look crisp and clear to me, Mexico or otherwise. 

As always with the PS4, make sure you have 15-25 GB available on the hard drive so access to files isn't slowed down. 

If you're using an external, it's probably newer and faster than the drive in your PRO, move the F1 game over to that. 

You can find some tips to speed up the PRO if you've had it a long time here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=speed+up+your+ps4+pro

All else doesn't help, try reinstalling. 

IF you think it is a bug and want to actually log it, it's useless putting it in this forum, you can fine the Report an Issue forum here: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/

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