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MyTeam/Career save inaccessible; results in Crash to Desktop.

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  • Description

Following the update to 1.05 my MyTeam save cannot be loaded. The summary in the menu view shows as blank; though hovering over it still recognises the next event and the current championship standings, attempting to load the save results in a crash to desktop. I did notice similar behaviour in 1.04 with a standard Driver Career save (i.e. driving for an already existing team) after finishing a feature race and attempting to reload later, however because it was a new save I got rid of it and just began a new one, which I'd rather not do for this one.

Perhaps worthy of note: Prior to the issue I had just completed the British GP weekend and the menu says I'm at (or going to be at?) Hungary, at the round 9 race, but attempting to open the save gives me the splash screen for Britain for the round 9 race.

  • Report Code


  • Platform


  • Game Mode

My Team Career (though I have experienced a similar issue with Driver Career)

  • Troubleshooting

I've tried loading the save (obviously) but I'm unaware of the location of save files so I'm unable to remove them and attempt to redownload the cloud save, but I attempted to load the game on my laptop and access the career save there and the same thing happened, so obviously the cloud save is also affected. Reports have been sent via the crash reporter following each CTD. DXDiag attached; motherboard is an ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F.

  • How to replicate?

I don't know how to precisely replicate. Have a career save in 1.04 to see if updating to 1.05 produces the same effect, but I had a similar issue with a different save in 1.04 before the update so it has the potential to happen even without doing so. Both feature races were completed and their replays saved before exiting the mode. For the driver career mode (since deleted and replaced) I believe the issue occurred after the F2 feature race in Bahrain was completed but before I had gone to the sprint race event, and for the existing MyTeam save, the Silverstone Grand Prix had been completed and advanced before exiting. You'll know it's happening if the save summary appears blank except for the separator bar and loading the save results in a crash to desktop. Since successfully completing the MyTeam race that morning, I did stream the last few chapters of Braking Point and reached the epilogue; last time I checked that was still accessible so I don't know if there is any connection with Braking Point causing the issue or if it is unrelated.






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