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F1 2020- [PC]- Error displaying on any gameplay


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I wan't to play grandprix but I only seen character name. No image of the character or the car. It including the benchmark mode.

Report Code:

  1. GVSJ-SCBB-EJJB-BGVG (Grand Prix)
  2. BGDD-CSSD-CXHX-KSMG (Benchmark)

Platform: PC

Version: 1.18

NVIDIA Driver: 471.41 (RTX 2070)

Game mode: Grand Prix

Lead up to issue: Everytime I open the game, it only shown the menu but there isnt any background image.

Accesories: Logitech Gamepad F310

Down her is attach to the problem. The first one for the grand prix gameplay, and the 2nd one for the benchmark mode.

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