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F1 2021 Freezing mid race

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HI! I got the game 2 days ago started playing and i noticed that when im in an online race on every track so far my game freezes at somepoint in the race for 2 seconds, soo in that time i lose like 2 positions so its really frustrating. In time trial its the same thing but the game freezes when i get fastest lap for 2 seconds also!


-Platform: PC

-Game-mode: Only played Time Trial and Multiplayer

-[ONLINE]: Played sessions with 5 lap and 25% races, Full and 4-5 player races, Player and F1 2021 Cars

-[ONLINE]: Never been the host

-Tried turning every setting to the minimum

-To replicate the issue I go into an online lobby and just race and on like the 1st or 2nd lap the issue happens

-My specs: I3 9100F 4.20 Ghz, RX 580 4gb 1366 Mhz, 1x Adata XPG 8GB DDR4 Stick 2400Mhz

-Graphics: My current settings are linked but the game does the same thing with everything on minimum

I would greatly appriciate if someone could help me!

Thanks in advance!






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