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AI qually vs AI Race

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I'm finding it completely bizarre. 96 in season 1, constantly at worst 0.5 seconds faster than my F2 team-mate if not a lot more (but hey, I like a margin when I'm slightly better than the AI so it's fun). Season 2, quali 96, I'm 6 tenths slower than Ocon my team-mate and my car is 4th fastest in the performance chart yet he qualifies 12th-14th and I qualify 15th-16th. Yet, give me the alternate strategy in the race, I turn it down to 92 (so 4 tenths?) and I go from 1.5-2 seconds slower to winning in Bahrain and 2nd in Spain on the alternate strategy, no shenanigans. The difference level between season 1, and the difference level between 92 and 96 cannot reasonably be that big? Really going to need help with this as it makes it a farce. I want, like last season, to play at a level where I have a couple of tenths edge in both qualifying and race so I'm on the front foot, overachieving in results slightly but given my inconsistencies still have battles with the AI, because they're OP lap after lap whereas a human is inconsistent. Just bizarre trying to play season 2 in a bipolar car.

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1 hour ago, KrazyLurt said:

Could you expand on this Barry as to why it's by design? What is the goal?

IRL, the fastest time over the weekend is in Quali.

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The goal is to simulate real life? You’ll be hard pressed to find a race lap that is faster than that driver’s qually best. There’s a reason for the official fastest lap records being drawn only from times set in race trim. Qually laps are not considered because the car is set to optimum parameters to deliver a “single” best laptime. On race trim they have suboptimal tires (gotta nurse that sweet rubber), weight (fuel), and ERS usage (default, recover and attack protocols).

The mere fact of having to share the track with other cars will impinge laptimes.

In the game there are other factors too. Consider what compromises the driver ratings [1] [2]:

  • Experience: Based on the number of races a driver has competed in during their career. The higher this number, the more resource points the driver will pick up for your team.
  • Racecraft: Based on positions gained or lost in a race, compared to the average for a given grid slot. The higher the racecraft, the more overtakes a driver will go for out on track when the opportunities arise.
  • Awareness: A measure of the driver’s ability to avoid incidents and penalties in a race. Better control of the car in challenging circumstances.
  • Pace: A measure of a driver’s best lap times – the closer they are to the fastest lap in a race, the higher the score. The higher the pace more likely for the driver to grab those fastest laps and end up on the sharp end of the grid in qualifying.
  • Overall: Which takes into account all of the above, calculated with a weighted average towards Pace.

Racecraft and Awareness will influence the driver’s laptimes in the race. Whenever there is a battle for position or the need to steer away from trouble, laptimes of everyone involved take a substantial hit as they all have to deviate from the racing line and/or change their brake and throttle inputs.

On qually, Pace is king.

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5 hours ago, BarryBL said:

IRL, the fastest time over the weekend is in Quali.

I think OP was thinking in relative terms, i.e are the AI programmed to be quicker vs the player in Q vs R or vice versa. 

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