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Last year i was 95-97 this year so far in a AI Comparison test i am 2 seconds off my team mate with this level. Currently i am around 85-87 in this years game. I personally feel like my driving has not changed for myself. Has the Ai been improved that much or is it just OP right now.

I do run assists and i am on Pad i am working on decreasing assists more.

Breaking assist : Med Working on Lowering it to Low
Traction Control : Off
Gears : Automatic - I have never been great in Manuel gears any game no matter how much i try.
ERS : Automatic - Starting to learn Manuel this year year

Anyone else feel like your way off compared to last years game ? I really hope its not just me.

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Ai have been improved.. I've dropped from 101/ 103 down to 96 and against McLaren teammate in gp mode it very close tenth here or there . Tested it against latifi in Williams and I'm smashing him on 96 nearly 8 tenths quicker at Spain which is a strong track for the ai . But then I believe he is the 2nd worst rated driver on the game so that probably be the reason but I reckon I could probably beat him on 101 so bit tricky to get a gauge of were I should be rite now. But there is a big issue of the ai been ridiculous in fast speed corners which I believe is been addressed so if you struggling on tracks live Silverstone, Austria, spa and zandervort also Monza then in more likely to be that which is causing you to be a mile off were you think you should be ....

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I play on AI at like 60 normally but have bumped that up slightly this year to 65. I was on Pole at Bahrain in My Team at 60, and then had an engine issue in the race. At 65 I was 17th in Spain and again retired. Monaco next for me which is a poor track but I have been putting in some work in Time Trial and if I nail the lap can be pretty quick by my usual standards but consistency is poor so won't last the race distance.


I don't use any assists, I would rather race the AI at level 60 with no assists and struggle than race them at 90 using assists. For me I would turn braking assist off completely. Use manual gears, this is much faster even for rubbish players like me. The one I struggle with is ABS on controller but am making some slow improvements.  

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well at least i am not crazy and not the only one. But yea as i said 95-97 last year i could match team mate same level this year back like 2 seconds. As for turning off assists i am working on it but i am limited to when i play with work so it takes me longer i used to have assists fully on max so i have improved but still got some way to go. 

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