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Why in carrer mode you can change team in the midle of a season? And even without any experience you are allowed to change to a bigger teams like Mercedes or Redbull

That is soooo unreal!!! Up to f1 2017 the carrer mode contracts were much better.

why dont create a more realistic mode? Depending of your scores during a season would be much better

why not sign with a new team during a specific season and only starts there in the next season as the real life??? 

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This should be posted to the suggestions form instead. Anyway, I agree on this, however, since the game is more focussed on having a fun look inside f1 instead of making a very realistic experience which is exactly the same as in real life. I understand that they prioritize the (most) people which just want to start a career with their favourite F1 driver. If you first need to complete a season in 5 other teams to get higher in the competition to finally get in Mercedes / Red Bull they will lose a lot of players.

However, I would love to see this as an option for career, with a limited amount of teams where you can start (the teams with an average finish position outside the top 10) and after completing a season(s) with a good reputation you will be able to promote to higher teams. That would be amazing

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