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People need to be careful what they wish for when it comes to unlapping under the Safety Car.

It would be guaranteed to open a whole new area of possibilities for bugs that would lead to twice the amount of players complaining they got screwed over than there are people asking for it to be coded in.

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@Blent heh, no doubt. I’ve not played that much yet. Most of my time so far was on Time Trial to relearn my lines and GP to rebuild my setups. Given the state of all the little details that seem more like a plug for until they give the systems a significant overhaul, I’m in no hurry to get this feature patched in. Whatever the underlying reasons for this last run, be it Covid or business kerfuffle with SMS acquisition followed EA’s sale, Codies definitely got a bunch on their plate already.

To address @Blueboy969 query, yep. That’s a point that’s been missing from the games forever, unfortunately.

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