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help, where can i get a full game manual, or how to select a suitable tyre in a race?


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as title, please.
im playing season2015. the second couse MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX, it got heavy rain in about7-9laps.
how to select a correct tyre? since my team given the tyre is make RALLY even in straight way.

and how I can get a full manual, in explain how rules in games, how Proprietary synonymous meaning....and more

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  • Codemasters Staff
Hi @nyconing , if you go to Steam and highlight F1 2015 on the right hand side under Links the 5th option down is the manual. However, the keyboard layout isn't in there :(. You can find the information you need in game though, go to My F1 -> Settings -> Customise Controls -> Driving Controls. Press F1 to create a custom setup and scroll down, the default for the Quick Menu is number 1, 2, 3 and 4 . When on track if you press those buttons you can tell your crew which tyre you want at the next pit stop.

If you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360 you can use that controller to play F1 on your PC, it really does make the game a lot more enjoyable than using a keyboard.

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