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[PS4] [Offline and Online] 

I have noticed that in the Spa circuit, when I choose Simulation + Simulation in the damage system, and following the line of the AI drivers, in the Eau Rouge area, my car has damage between 1% and 3% on each lap.

On the other hand, the AI does not take any damage with the same race line

I have tested it in the Grand Prix mode and also in practice in an online race. I have videos and also telemetry data collected with Simhub. Don't have all this online now, but I can upload both if you need it.

This is quite worrying because in the league that we play with 100% races and full damage simulation, it will prevent us from finishing the race, at least in Spa, but perhaps in some other circuit. Please, check that and fix it  if its possible.

Thank you in advance

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I have checked the problem again and recorded some videos

First, a Grand Prix session. The first minutes of qualifying, I spoke in Spanish. I tried various predefined setups, with a Mclaren, suffering floor damage each time.

Then the 5-lap race, trying to speak English, getting damage in 4 of them as I passed through Eau Rouge

This morning I checked it again in online practice, with 3 different cars (McLaren, Ferrari, and Williams, all of them with setup number 3). I made this because I had previously tested the Williams in a similar session and seemed to have no problems. That is why I thought that maybe the damages are different with one or the other car.

Finally, a summary of the online session. It's clear  that race lines are not millimeters equal, but are quite similar to those of the AI cars made, which are never damaged.


All played on PS4 Pro

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