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Online bugs after patch on ps4


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As you can see in the video:


Three main bugs we saw during the last season:

- Fuel bug on qualifying. The fuel on qualifying I put was only 5kg, and as you can see on (03:24 minute for instance) is that the fuel is 100kg or so, and it is impossible to reduce the fuel load in all the season.
- Behind gap (dont exist sometimes). You can see on the race the gap with the fore car, but not with the behind one as you can see between 39:43 and 39:51.
- Suzuka elements dissapear. The 100mtrs sign on curve 8 (40:37 for instance) and the sticks on curve 16 (39:51 for instance).
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  • Codemasters Staff
Thank you @JuanCarMR that video is really helpful.

The fuel bug I've had a look in to but never been able to reproduce it, I take it that most players in the session didn't get this problem?
The gap to the car behind not showing because the OSD element closes too early is something we're aware of.
I'm not sure that's a bug, if someone's car hits the bollards or marker boards they will move and then disappear.
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Thank you for your answer @Lozzy.

Maybe the problem in the fuel bug was that one of the members went out and then he entry again at the room before it started, try to reproduce that action.

Nobody hits the bollards, moreover, there was some of us who could see them, and others that didn't.

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Lozzy said:
We have found a method to reproduce this issue so we can being to look in to the problem.
@Lozzy That is an awesome news!!!

Please revise also the fuel/tyres/brake menu because is very slow to activate and to select one option.
Furthermore, revise the bug where if your sector is better than the best before, it doesn't appear in the OSD, and, if the sector is worse than the best before, it appear and of course it is marked in red. See the same video:
https://youtu.be/4UZsjkxb21k (11:44 aprox.) sector 2 do not appear the gap because the sector is better than the best before, and (18:10 aprox) sector 2 appear the gap (+00.00.084) because the gap is worse than the best before.

Sorry about my complaints but I only want to enhance your fantastic game in order to do a better game.

Finally if you need a beta tester I could do it that kind of job, in a seriously way. ;-)
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