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APC - Xbox Only Start Up Racing League for F1 2021


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APC is a brand-new league for the F1® game by Codemasters, currently launching on Xbox only.
The idea behind APC is to bring together good, clean racers who aren’t yet at “pro” league racing level and need a platform to perfect their skills with similar racers and show the world what they can do.
APC intends to find drivers who are working hard to be the best through good, clean and consistent racing and those who have the drive and determination to be a league racing champion (or maybe even an F1 Esports champion).


All participants will require racing in a qualification race in order to judge skill level and to be chosen to join the league.


Qualification race - 19th Aug - 22nd Aug

Races will be held on Thursdays at 8:30pm

First race - 9th September (Bahrain)


For those interested the sign up form is below



And follow us @apcleaguef1 (insta)

Hope too see you there!

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