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Unable to Join Any Online Sessions on Xbox Series X (Error Code WS10047 or NS7)

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7 minutes ago, Dave33333 said:

 I don't want to use hotspots, I want to use the game on my perfectly fine fiber internet and play the game, is it so hard to ask Codemasters, we just want multiplayer to be USABLE. If every other Xbox game out there can do it, why can't you?

I know you dont want to use hotspots, but does it work on a hotspot. I want to understand if this is codemasters not working with a particular internet type, if so, is there something I can do to change that environment so it does work. I can shout at codemasters as much as I want, they don't seem to listen anyway, so I'm trying anything that can get around the issue they seem to not be able to 

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At the end of the day, even if we shout, it's making a message known at least here, even though it's probably hammered down into the ground 6 feet under. It becomes a "how" and a "why" really fast. How is this not working? Why is it not working? Why has it not been fixed so long after launch and is a significant issue? Why have they never made any public announcement about this and made it clear? Imagine what F1 2022 is going be like if they can't fix this. If this issues are so outstanding and profound, why hasn't this been made clear by Codemaster and that they were making a fix on it.

Game developers should clearly make the effort to point out their game breaking glitches on each platform and fix them in a timely manner, and these glitches should be publicized beyond a small forum most people won't find themselves in.

This goes beyond Codemasters not even fixing the game, it goes even worse: Not even letting the consumer know of these issues and only after you buy the game, will you notice the glitches and maybe even the forum posts when you find it. The consumer must know of these issues, instead of being decepted, then be allowed to make the choice whether he or she should buy the product. And here we are, the consumer, decepted of glitches that we were not let known of until after we bought the game and saw it for ourselves, where some of us, if we bought digitally, cannot get a refund as a result depending on the platform a la Sony's infamous digital game refund policy in which if you open the game, you cannot refund it.

The failure here now goes beyond the game itself having the issue and the dev's inabiity to fix it, but its complete gross incompetence to notify the consumer of the issue beforehand in the product description.

And it should be made clear to every person who plans to buy this game for Xbox One/Series X/S, multiplayer has been broken since launch and you only found out after purchasing the game and giving them your money.

And so I can scream at this cloud and speak for every person suffering through this issue right now:

Fix the bug, or at least notify the consumer via Microsoft Store/any online store product description that this issue exists in the game before you let them buy it and see it for themselves.

Just sayin'.

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I have the same problem. Is there a fix yet? I have not been able to join since I moved my xbox series x from wireless to wired behind an access point and a switch. NAT type is open and port forwarding is set up correctly.

All other games seem to function properly, just not F1 2021.

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Does anyone here know what the actual error codes mean? I mean it must be some known situation otherwise whats the point of an error code? The whole raison d'etre for specific error codes is that they point to a specific problem, right? Or am I too old-school IT wise....


If anyone knows, please post it here. That may allow some of us to solve it?

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Just to add my voice to all of you here. I've started to have these problems in December, before that I had been spared. Error DS7 when trying to join online sessions.

Also something I've not seen mentioned. Me and my friend tried to start a co-op career instead since neither of use could join online play anymore. But of course that fails as well with error code DS7. However, if I tried to join a session created by my friend or vice versa, and the person who created the session left before that, we could join each others sessions. But then the creator could no longer join. In other words the first one into a session could join regardless of who had created it. To me this doesn't feel especially network related but something else causing the problem.

Oh, and I also have to agree with all the people frustrated with no feedback from Codemasters. I've seen quite a lot of issues with the game mentioned on this forum that hasn't even been replied to even once even after many months. That is in some way worse that getting a reply that says 'sorry we will not look into it'. At least you would know.

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Just uninstalled 2021 and installed 2020 and it works like a charm. It’s amazing how badly they botched this game. 

the car handling in 2020 feels 100x better as well. I’m having exponentially more fun in 2020 than 2021. I’m never going back to 2021. Maybe 2022 will be better but 2021 has gone totally backwards in ever way. 

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